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Attractions in the area:

  • public beach in Waterloo (2km away)

  • near by Waterloo golf club 

  • located half way between Granby (zoo) and Magog (20 minutes away)

  • 20 minutes away from Parc national de la Yamaska 

  • near by bicycle paths (Estriade, route verte)

  • near by mountain biking
    near by théatres d'été

  • and other touristic activities located in the heart of Eastern Townships touristic area

  • near by ski centers, arenas and other sports facilities and bowling

  • near by all services: restaurants, grocery store, pharmacy, liquor store, dollar store, other local stores.

  • near by Lac Brome (same highway exit)

  • 10 minutes away from Eastman and 5 minutes from Lac Brome 

  • 15 to 20 minutes away from Spa des chutes de Bolton

  • 40 minutes from Sherbrooke,10 minutes away from Bromont, 20 minutes from Orford, 30 minutes from Sutton and 40 minutes from Owl's head ski mountains

  • near by spas, museums, drugstores, stores etc. located in downtown Waterloo (2km away) spa des chutes de Bolton (15 to 20 minutes distance)